Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Tuesday morning while Tropical Storm Isaac was still churning in the Gulf of Mexico, I began thinking about possible implications around here and decided to go for a walk down by the Sangamon river basin. Forecast talk even that far out hinted at the potential for this storm to carve through the Midwest and inundate those areas exposed by the drought to where they become inaccessible. The arid conditions have created opportunity in a sense for opening places to explore along with concentrating local fauna around available water sources. The time for waterways to resume their natural function instead of as pathways is however, sorely overdue. If Hydrometeorological Prediction Center estimates for the Central Illinois region verify, this change will hopefully kick start needed recovery from this historic dry spell.

Snapper with an Asian carp.

Unrelated experiment from later that evening.

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Suz said...

Oh fabulous....and she is such a cutie even with her serious face....Did she like the shot?
I hope you get lots of rain...and I hope it for here too
Love the damsel on the have such an eye..I love your curiosity and passion Paul....