Friday, August 15, 2014

Shelby County Funnel Clouds

Has it really been a month since last post? Haven't meant to abandon the blog and will try to update as time allows for the past few weeks have been busy. Per the title, a weak frontal boundary dropped through the region yesterday and with that, a few showers and storms having additional funnel clouds developed. Of those reported, the most impressive ones were found in far East Central Illinois. Following an area of convergence further to the west where conditions were less favorable for slender tapered formations, in Northwest Shelby County I observed a few good sized non threatening funnel clouds as well.

Driving shot on a cell to the east.

Separate cell to the WNW and where I would place my attention.

To the east, another cell would produce.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Still Around...

Apologies for not staying up on the blog. Though it's been a busy time with lots to see since last post, I've been at a weird place and not as enthusiastic with online endeavors independent of Facebook where I've quietly changed my presence. I'll just say that the irony of intellectuals or successful people is that they can be the most effective at intimidation often without even realizing. Life goes on and with that, I took a brave step forward in spite of social media complications in starting a PAGE. It has not surprisingly been slow to take off but the project intent as a concise representation in the hope that doors finally open is moving ahead full steam. Feel free to give a like and enjoy the ride. Though I have a ton of July material already, below are some highlights from the balance of June. What a year it has been thus far.

Work in progress for an old friend that has since been completed.

June 18th during a significant heat wave.

Exhausted squall line moving overhead from the 19th.

Photogenic post-severe squall line from the 21st.

Did not chase alone this day...

Nor that evening :)

Northside outflow streaming up from the SE on the 23rd.

Heading back from a marginal EC IL funnel cloud run on the 24th.

Finally, miniature portrait studio utilizing the iPhone flashlight.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014