Friday, March 20, 2015


Been focusing on the positives lately as well as maximizing on available opportunities. Hard telling what the future holds as time is sorely limited (believe it or not) but my perception of what can be achieved in a measure of it differs from most. The ease of winter's grasp though slow to relax has been beneficial to my spirit.

March 1st - (Hopefully) the last big snow of the 2014/2015 season!

March 11th - Dense morning fog generated a fog rainbow or "fogbow" shortly after sunrise.

Wide angle distortion skews the fact that it's actually very big (note the setting moon for scale).

Later from an area park...

March 14th - Lake Shelbyville sunset.

Pair of geese break the placid surface.

March 15th - Another Lake Shelbyville sunset and this time with accumulating shoreline ice known as "Ice Shove".

March 17th - What remains of 'Mt. Slushmore' from back on the 1st.

Later that evening, the Aurora Borealis as result of an intense geomagnetic storm from back down at Lake Shelbyville. I hadn't planned on being here but was already in the area that evening so it worked out.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Although every day is a challenge where the will to do anything is largely forced, I am still around. Nearly four months have passed yet it seems like yesterday and especially as the first thing I see upon waking each afternoon is the spot where our eyes last met. Amazingly, I'm keeping it together for Ava but my overall life perspective has changed significantly. I now understand why the hearts of men harden with age except when it comes to my daughter. She of course is all that matters and for those wondering, has been doing well. Since last post we've continued to find our way while juggling a complicated lifestyle that is still evolving. At a time when mild weather would be a blessing, it figures it would be so stubbornly cold. There have been highlights when available time and circumstance met.

February 2nd - Light pillars after midnight as result of blowing snow crystals.

Sunset the following evening.

February 5th - Clinton Lake, Clinton IL

February 8th - Sunrise

February 13th - Sunrise

February 14th - Sunset

February 15th - Sunrise

February 16th - Sunset

Febraury 18th - Snow Squall at Sunset

February 21st - Heavy snowfall, 7.10" at the I-72/US 51 interchange.

February 22nd

Later that evening...

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Life goes on and with that, I have stayed productive.

4th - Snowflakes vs. DVD

6th - vs. Mat Board

Later that evening...

7th - Frozen soap bubble experiment with Ava.

11th - Freezing Rain

13th - Down by the Sangamon River

14th - Freezing Fog at Clinton Illinois.

Hoar frost vs. Spider web.

17th - Stonington Illinois

18th - Moultrie County Illinois

19th - Western Macon County Illinois

20th - 'Dance Camp' performance during basketball game intermission.

21st - Turned my friend into a LEGO minifig.

24th - Christian County Illinois