Monday, November 09, 2015

October Part III

Towards the beginning of the month, I took my daughter Ava and her cousin out to Black Bart's Pumpkin Patch where the girls suckered me into spending way more than I had intended. Over the next few weeks we applied a few of them to a number of creative photography ideas.

The small ones aptly labeled 'mini's' and no larger than a kiwi fruit were ideal for creating the illusion of scale distortion. I kept them on hand during afternoon walks or at night when the grey tree frogs came out being as it had been unseasonably mild.

Juvenile DeKay's Snakes (aka Brown Snake/Storeria dekayi)

Grey Tree Frog (Hyla versicolor)

For Halloween I executed the following idea that came to me for the sake of wondering if it might work. Dubbed the 'dual purpose pumpkin' meant to function both as normal Jack O' Lantern or photo prop, I hope to do more with this concept next season. Feel free to try it yourself!

October 31st - The light source in all illuminated scenes is coming from a small LED flashlight.

November 1st - Jack vs. Fog Rainbow aka 'Fogbow'

Single frame featuring Taurid meteor vs. Jack during a time lapse session (circled inset included to show detail).

Composite comprised of 260 images spanning 73 minutes that includes multiple aircraft flight patterns with the one bisecting Jack likely coming from nearby Logan county airport to the immediate NW.

November 3rd - Continued mild with frogs!

November 4th - Ava and her cousin vs. Jack before we sent him rolling down a hill and into a lake.

November 6th - Ava's design vs. late night storm passage!

Sunday, November 08, 2015

October Part II

The month was full of sky drama in the way of sunsets, sunrises and atmospheric optics.

October 10, Shelbyville IL

October 13

October 15

October 19

Practicing a ring idea...

October 23rd, One year...

October 25

"Hey Ava, throw something..."

October 27

November 1, Fogbow

Friday, November 06, 2015

October Part I

It has been a remarkable month with many photographic moments. Over the next few days I hope to get caught up on everything. Be that it was so mild for the duration, the numerous tree frogs that have been hanging around at night through the summer persisted. On the 7th, temperatures dropped off into the low 50's which made the frogs sluggish. One in particular hopped on to my flashlight and quickly made itself comfortable due to the small amount of available heat. Carefully propping upright and using the iPhone flashlight as a secondary source, the rest is history. When we were done it did not want to leave!

On the 8th, Ava and I stepped out for sunset. A weak frontal boundary passing through kicked off a few storms so after dinner we went north for a brief intercept. Choosing what I thought might be the best area of convergence from north of Clinton near Heyworth netted the best of anything from this otherwise non-event.