Wednesday, April 02, 2014

March Miscellaneous

Here as I write from just north of a warm front that will creep slowly northward over the next 24 hours and usher in 70 degree high temperatures for Thursday, the winter from hell is exhaling its final breath. While just about everyone will be more than happy to see it go, I am grateful for having experienced some of the most incredible sky and weather drama of my bizarre photographic journey. The 2014 storm season ramps up this week yet for personal reasons I expect to sit out on many events unless they are perfectly timed and nearby. At least today's entry closes out three months of brutality on a positive note. Thank you to those who have supported me and best wishes to those whose travels I look forward to following over the coming months.

March 14

March 16

March 24

March 25 (Snow)

March 27

Later at Assumption


March 30 (Ice Spike)

March 31

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break Missouri - Part VI

Vibrant sunrises often indicate an approaching weather system for which after the previous post, skies followed suit and filled in with dull gray cloud. As a result, the light was less than ideal so for this final entry at Hannibal, I ran the pictures through a few 'old timey' effects to give an historic feel. We didn't tour the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum but we did spend some time outside where a well defined solar halo lent itself for effect and especially over The Haunted House On Hill Street that was closed for reasons unknown.

I would then take Ava down to the river where we watched a river boat pull into port.

Our final tourist stop was high atop Lover's Leap which affords a spectacular view of the Western Illinois flood plain. Per the namesake, this site has a somewhat somber legend affixed to it found HERE.

This should give an idea of how much ground I covered during the sunrise post from ascending to the lighthouse but then back down to the water front. A lengthy walk coupled with everything else crammed into the 72 hours up to this point made for both an extremely exhausting yet highly rewarding adventure. Thank you for following along.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Break Missouri - Part V

Having been trolled the night before by a sunset with great potential that didn't pop, I wasn't exactly optimistic that I would get any real color against the river at Hannibal during this trip. Determined to try again with sunrise, my pessimism quickly changed upon reading the quiet pre-dawn sky over far Western Illinois. Initially I thought I would shoot from the Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse overlook. Only after reaching the summit of a rigorous 244 stair climb did I discover this would not be a good location due to trees and nuisance street lights. Descending back down and over a few blocks to nearby Glascock's Landing is where I would set up to witness the grandeur of the mighty Mississippi River at daybreak. There wasn't a soul around except for a perfectly timed river boat to stir the canvas with its wake.