Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Random Tuesday

I went down by the Sangamon River yesterday to see how low the water level was with respect to the ongoing severe drought. Surprisingly, it was higher than this time last year at the location I visited by about a foot. I imagine this could be due to recent rains quickly flowing into drainage channels instead of be absorbed by the ground that is hard as a rock. Despite the depth, the murky water was sluggish and stagnant as is typical for all bodies of water right now or so it seems. No significant river shots but see how many turtles you can find in the first image which was roughly 50 yards or so away (hence the aberration for being full 300mm).

Down by the waters edge were an abundance of damselflies. An emergent one that was still gaining wing strength landed nearby and allowed me to get close.

This was with the reverse ring, still learning.

Male Pondhawk from elsewhere.

Later, I had to go to Sullivan and with that, swung by Lake Shelbyville.

Heading out, a snowflake ornament on a random out of the way tree caught my eye.

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Suz said...

ha ha the snowflake
I spotted 2 turtles...and suspect a few more in the far off was I?
Love those damsel fly shots...
hope you are doing well