Monday, August 27, 2012

Great Egrets

The other day I noticed a large flock of Great Egrets at a southern inlet on Lake Decatur. Saturday evening I went to see if they were still there and was in luck. The extreme distance coupled with shadowed light made for less than ideal shooting conditions but I tried anyways. Working to my advantage both for why they along with several other bird species were in abundance was the significantly low water level. Normal summer measurement is 614.0 feet above sea level whereas at the time of this writing is currently at 610.79. Tropical Storm ISAAC still churning out in Gulf of Mexico may swing up through the Mississippi valley late next week and bring sorely needed beneficial rainfall. Too little too late to save crops but a drought buster or two before winter sets in would be a blessing, we can only pray.

The egrets would eventually leave but I stuck around as there was other activity including a large flock of geese that came in not to mention a Great Blue Heron. Tough shot for being right at twilight and requiring slower exposure as well as difficulty focusing but figured it was still worth showing.

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Suz said...

get some rain..that water level is horrible for them...are there fish?
I loved the heron shot...they ae magnif..birds