Thursday, August 16, 2012

Harristown Illinois Funnels

Tuesday afternoon was a day like any other with not a whole lot going on when Facebook started blowing up with people near Clinton talking about funnel clouds. This naturally caught my attention so between errands, we looped out into the country and under a broad shower complex where sure enough, directional shear resulting in funnel cloud development was occurring. Ava was along for this adventure and though she could have cared less as it was also both non-severe and non-threatening, the opportunity was a fun surprise.

Big circulation would wrap up into a semi-transparent needle that I was unable to image well due to lack of contrast. It would then occlude only to wrap up into a blunt funnel to pass nearly overhead. Most of the funnels observed were very small and brief with the exception of this feature. Time lapse video of this area can be seen at the end.

DSLR pic and it's in there, very hard to see as it blends in but is just right of the lowering and almost directly above the center transmission tower. It hangs about halfway down to the cloud edge. How my ISO got bumped up to 800 I do not know but it did not help the situation for also being pointed at a direct light source.

Blunt funnel at top left vs. Ava lower right.

Heading a little further west and facing back to the east, the now dissipating structure was still producing funnels as well as a faint rainbow. Apologies for the image quality as most of these are edited phone pics. I was having issues with the regular camera made worse by discovering later at home my ISO was accidentally set too high.

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Suz said...

I love the caught image, but I really love the father making memories with his daughter...awesome
she sounds so cute and adorable
thanks for sharing this video
smores...ha ha
'Hey there are big boomers going on here! right now rattling the house
should be a good day for you so get that camera warmed up