Sunday, September 02, 2012

Isaac Remnants

Low top convection wrapping back through Central Illinois into the parent system to the west that was formerly Isaac kicked off a few tornado reports to the north around lunchtime. This of course captured my immediate attention so I stepped out if not just for curiosity as there was little in the way of activity down here. As would be expected, there wasn't much to see other than some showers with lots of scud and an occasional shear funnel.

Facing E on an area of interest near Latham with the activity moving from R to L, these are all edited phone pics.

Facing N on a new area.

A developing squall line lifting from the south would be the next item of note so I dropped down near Macon for a better look but would ultimately abandon as I was using a borrowed vehicle. Initially it was just rain with little in the way of velocity activity so I put my phone down and simply drove north while being unaware that a developing situation was occurring a few miles to my west. Arriving back in town I opened my phone for one last peek when I saw not one but TWO tornado warnings and was like "#$%^;*^%$#!!!" Quickly finding my way back out, I was able to intercept the closest cell as it crossed US 36 between Niantic and Illiopolis. The circulation did not sustain for long and would lose the warning not long after passing my location.

Grab c/o RadarScope.

Facing W, don't know that it produced or if any sort of damage occurred.

This was coming up from behind me to the SE.

About to get munched by a wall of heavy rain behind me to the E.

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