Friday, September 14, 2012

Morning Shelf, NKP 765, Revisited!

To recap per the previous entry (with this as having the full image series), on the morning of Wednesday the 5th, we were treated to an amazing sight being the passage of multiple arcus clouds that formed as result of collapsing storms entering the state from Iowa. This phenomena is not uncommon, however, to have limited cloud cover in advance of this feature with a sun angle enabling it to be illuminated from the front is unique. The timing was fortunately perfect in that I witnessed this event while heading home through the country. The pictures speak for themselves but from the associated video you can gain a more detailed understanding of the evolution from a radar perspective.

First one.

Note the moon, didn't quite fit in the panorama sequence.

A secondary one would immediately follow.

The thin lines pushing out ahead of the precipitation indicate the gust front and are the signature for what you are viewing. Upon passage, the straight-line winds picked up in earnest and though non-severe, they can at times reach severe criteria depending upon the size and strength of the dying parent storm.

As if that weren't enough, on Monday the 10th, the NKP 765 Steam Locomotive coming from St. Louis paid us another visit. For this encounter, I was amazed by the amount of convergence though not entirely surprised as its local popularity has soared for being widely advertised since the first trip through. I wasn't feeling the midday light or power lines but calm weather conditions allowed for it to belch out some cool looking smoke rings!


(no inset) Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

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