Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween Storm

For a month that has been exceptionally productive coupled with turning the big four oh, I was hoping the close of it would end on a higher note. With the passing of this latest system it fortunately did. Beginning on Tuesday the 29th, high cloud streaming out ahead of a piece of energy rounding the western trough which brought our initial round of sorely needed moderate rainfall was marked with a spectacular sunrise.

c/o COD Meteorology


Wednesday the 30th I was watching a warm front that was moving through the area. A cell lifting into Eastern Macon County caught my attention not for its structure which was obscured by low cloud but for the fog that was ascending into the base. A review of velocity indicated that it was developing some rotation albeit elevated. Initially I was going to let it go which cost me time. Maneuvering to get closer, I was in trees during the peak of maturation and was only able to get a phone pic during the best activity. Till I found a clear location, it had lost its intensity but still had a fairly well defined base with possible funnel. At no time did it appear threatening or require a call to the weather service.

iPhone pic


c/o RadarScope

iPhone pic

When the big upper system and associated cold front moved into the region, a small leading edge piece of energy cruised through Macon and Dewitt counties. Two areas including a stronger one up near Clinton that produced wind damage by way of downed trees and a lesser to the south captured my interest. I was at Ava's school awaiting her dismissal when the lesser cell went overhead. Upon finally leaving, we followed it for awhile where it exhibited broad weak rotation that was also noted on velocity although I did not save a radar capture. Letting it go so to drop everyone off, I would then follow the slow moving boundary into Moultrie county and try to pair it with fall color encountered along the way.



Behind the boundary

Now in front of it

At one point there was a boundary split with two lines paralleling creating a chasm effect.

In the distance I thought there might be a base of some kind in Champaign county but it was impossible to tell despite use of the 300mm.

Heading home, a faint rainbow and wondering what November might have in store?

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