Sunday, November 24, 2013

Arctic Air Outbreak

Talk about going from one extreme to the next! Violent tornadoes spawned by a strong spring like system ripped across the mid state last Sunday whereas this morning at Decatur, we saw a local low of 12° with an accompanying wind chill down to 1°. Neither extreme is what you might expect for this time of year but with respect to the wintery side of things, this cold snap is a good opportunity to review your Winter Weather Preparedness safety plans. Last week was the official annual awareness campaign but received little attention as necessary focus was appropriately directed towards ongoing tornado relief efforts. So anyways, upon stepping out into the hard dose of reality manifest as a bone chilling arctic blast early today, I discovered a MASSIVE ice spike growing on a protected dumpster lid. It's not surprising that standing water will do strange things when it is intensely cold but I certainly wasn't expecting a measured six inch protrusion to rise out of an insignificant puddle! I guess it just goes to show that with nature, the only absolute is that it will always blow your mind when you least expect it.

More information on this unusual phenomena can be found HERE.

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