Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First Measurable Snow

We only saw a few tenths of an inch of wet slushiness yet from a personal standpoint, this event will not soon be forgotten. Heading home on the morning of the 12th (11/12/13 no less), I got to experience my first blown radiator. A long standing but manageable leak proved to be incapable of holding up to the extreme cold at which point it ruptured and blew steam like the Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone. It has since been replaced but at an expense that is both ill timed and a major setback. Although Winter is still a few weeks away, this is not how I would prefer to be heading into the season. Anyways, as for pictures, chilly showers from Veterans Day along with associated cloud textures made for an interesting morning canvas.

c/o RadarScope

The actual snow event occurred after dark and by Tuesday morning with the radiator incident taking priority, I didn't bother with snow images except for stepping out back momentarily as I awaited word on the vehicle situation.

and from today...

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Mak Porter said...

Sorry to hear about the radiator but great pictures Paul. That is a really cool looking cloud. I like the close ups of the snow and ice.