Sunday, October 27, 2013

Haunted Bethany / Smokenado

Yesterday I participated in a family Halloween party complete with a haunted house. Thinking of what to do that might be fun, unique, easy and creepy, my thoughts drifted back to 1984 and the evening I watched POLTERGEIST at a friend's house. Riding my bike home in complete darkness and absolutely terrified the entire way, it is a wonder I didn't require therapy from the experience lol. If you've seen this horror classic then you know what I'm saying and if not, you should albeit at your own risk! Of the many disturbing scenes in the movie, a particular one found below that stuck with me for all these years is what I decided to try and replicate. The hardest part was making the mask which was comprised of a foam core frame covered with duct tape and fuzzy thread. My likeness could have been better but for only having a few days and a limited budget, the end result was both entertaining and particularly memorable for the adults :)

You enter down at the end where you are greeted by the Mexican zombie complete with guitar sombrero. A creepy clown meets you halfway because we all know everybody loves clowns!

Turning left at the end of the hall...

You run away in the opposite direction...

Only to enter the butcher shop with Ava's uncle who wasn't in costume yet but was one of the most effective scaremasters!

Rounding the corner and it's dinner with the zombies...

After which you step out into the graveyard...

Props c/o me, glowstick fingers including hallway above was a last second idea, try it!

Exit at right but not before a visit to Michael's room.

Suffice to say the crew was very successful at scaring the bejeebus out of everyone including my daughter who vomited upon leaving. Not to worry, she was fine and enjoyed every bit of it as we all did!

Earlier in the day as Ava and I were running around getting things together for the event, we drove by a field fire. Initially I thought it was a control burn but determined later it likely was not as there was a stump burning operation upwind where hot embers could have been generated? Either way, SW winds at 14 MPH spun up a large smokenado that chewed through the field and threw small debris airborne like a dust devil. It was remarkably long lived and I was very fortunate to catch it before dissipating. Hoping for another, I shot a few minutes of video with only one decent whirl although nowhere near as defined. These are iPhone captures as the good equipment was at home.

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Suz said...

smokers! that was some party
good job at the white monster
and yes I remember that movie
We hade small kids at the time and my husband still freaks out about the tree busting in and grabbing the boy....he rose out of his seat in the theater
looks like a fun group
...take it easy on Ava she is still a little girl
loved the twirling smoke