Friday, October 11, 2013

Early October Miscellaneous

On the 6th when the upper system responsible for the storms from previous post moved overhead, I stepped out and up the road thinking sunset might catch the associated showers. The light didn't exactly happen but interesting textures with a boundary passage occurred that was also marked with a significant temperature drop. Minimal editing was applied to the following.

On the 7th I stepped out again near to home to try for Draconid meteors. Though I was unsuccessful in this respect, I was able to catch a satellite flare, Venus and moonset with the grand finale of the International Space Station rising against the Milky Way to the SW and slipping into earth's shadow.

On the 8th, another CME event occurred although unlike the week prior, this one was minor and brief. I missed the initial wave of aurora that was visible at our latitude but held out hope for additional activity which never happened. A 51 minute image stack without so much as a rouge meteor and merely air traffic out of Chicago is all I netted. Still though, it has been a very busy month indeed.

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