Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lightroom Sunset

A year or so ago I picked up a discontinued copy of Adobe Lightroom 3 for a song from B&H Photo and Video. Time would go by and instead of using it, I sold it to a friend. Recently, I got it back and since it had been opened, am now stuck with it but not complaining. Deciding to give it a shot this morning, I installed the copy and began tinkering. It is a surprisingly simple application to figure out if you already have prior Photoshop experience. I liked the ease in which I could manage color as well as highlight recovery and especially with respect to sunset images from yesterday that I frequently have difficulty with. My copy of CS2 doesn't have some of the RAW editor tools that newer versions do such as clarity and vibrancy so this is a welcome feature to my outdated work flow. Overall, I am happy and look forward to fully implementing this product into what I do but will have to find a convenient work around for some aspects like preferred personal saving formats. To even talk about this product like it's 'new' compared to what has come along since may seem noobish but I don't need the latest and best of anything to be happy, just simple.

Watching for the clearing line yesterday, I was hoping for less grunge in the low levels yet was still able to make it work.

Two image composite assembled in PS, corrected in LR, then finished back in PS.

Color management/correction in LR with import into PS for crop, resize and text.

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