Friday, April 27, 2012

Recent Stuff

Unlike just about everyone I follow on the list at right, I don't have much coolness to share in the way of tornadoes, ideal Lyrid meteors or recent solar activity. On the overnight of the 23rd I did point the camera towards the east and managed to capture a pair of leftover Lyrids which I suppose is a decent addition to the meteor event collection. On the night of the 24th when the big aurora event went down, I was stuck around light pollution and though distant greens could be seen from where I was, there was no point in trying to image them so I didn't. This year isn't quite panning out in the way of successful photographic opportunity like last but then again, I don't think any year ever will anyways.

In other news, I have recently begun work on a detailed five person montage for a good friend. This is kind of significant in that our project has been in the works for a long time and the last drawing I did was two years ago. I'm finding that my eyesight has deteriorated somewhat since then and it is not coming to me as easily as it once did. Other than a kneaded eraser that isn't shown, the tools depicted are all I use. My pencil palette is simply a standard HB and a Design Ebony. As a matter of preference I have found that less is more and have no use for the range of leads that are available.

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sknr31 said...

the year starts at the moment, the calendar is just a reference of the worldly time. photograph away, look forward to future snaps. peace out! nice meteor pic by the way.