Friday, April 20, 2012

4/19 and The Missing Q

Originally I had planned to write about a personal life checking event from this time last year. After revisiting the location last month (ironically on 3/19) and having talked to those who were directly affected, I have decided to respectfully let it go. Instead, I'll just share some shots from the past two days...

Wednesday morning I was tipped off to a regional scavenger hunt being hosted by Local Radio Station 95Q. With a few clues along with some optimistic ideas, I set out to try my hand in locating the hidden prize. My effort would be in vain though I cannot rule out the possibility that I was spot on and just not looking in the proper location. Time will tell if I was right or wrong but while out, I happened to notice a red eared slider hatchling on the roadway and stopped to get it. Appearing dehydrated and very much lethargic as though it was being cooked by the hot pavement, it was in bad shape. I carry a jug of water at all times so I poured some in a cup and plopped it in at which point it took a huge drink. Upon coming back to life, it became the prize of the day for being an unexpected macro opportunity.

On Thursday we set out again to look for the missing Q at a few locations but came up empty. While in Piatt county and heading home, I noticed counterclockwise "holes" in the cirrus canopy. I figured it was simply due to thermal updrafts occurring as result of midday heat ascending through the cloud and carving out a column shaped disturbance. Others may argue that it was aliens or a government conspiracy but regardless, it was an interesting phenomena to witness.

Soft shell turtles basking in the distance at another Q-less location.

and finally, turbulent cloud textures at sunset.

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Suz said...

oh I love turtles...have never seen a soft shelled one in the we have them in Illinois!?
I remember well your close call last year.....glad you are well and out hunting for treasure....
and i beleive in aliens too ;)