Monday, April 16, 2012

Outbreak Remnants

It would only be fitting that after having sat out yet another historic weather event that I would catch the remnants from at home. Such was the case Sunday evening as the squall line in advance of a strong cold front presently sliding across the nation kicked off enough sparks to warrant placing a camera on my neighbors balcony. Something is better than nothing I suppose but to continually come up short and be unable to experience this activity after all this time the way I would prefer has given me pause to think. With respect to this latest system which has pretty much checked me, on the bright side, it has brought sorely needed beneficial rain to the region.

Individual bands lifting from the SW caught my attention as I figured they might have linear structure.

Structure wasn't really noticeable once it was basically overhead unless you had a true wide angle which as you know I do not. A cameo by Spongebob made the session highly rewarding lol.

Look at all that good rain! In other news, I decided to shut down my Facebook for a few days so to focus on getting some work done including a new portrait assignment. More on that later...

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sknr31 said...

that's a beautiful CC ya got there! :)