Friday, October 14, 2011

Structured Shower

Yesterday while running errands, I noticed an area of interest associated with showers riding a slow eastward moving boundary. Although any convection was marginal at best, one particular cell appeared to be developing a base so I followed to between Lovington and Sullivan IL.

As I had hopefully anticipated, it began to wrap up and take on HP characteristics. The inset area after this shot would briefly become more pronounced as I attempted to move closer. I'll dare to say that what I observed was a small funnel which is not uncommon in this portion of an HP cell.

Numbered nail head in the power pole I was leaning against to get the above shot. Anyone know what it signifies?

At my closest point, the process of occlusion has begun at which point it would not recover and ultimately die.

I would then try for nature shots which didn't work out so well and especially considering the new convection around the region that was catching the end of day light but too far away to intercept (this is not it).

and lastly, rising moon with Jupiter.

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