Monday, October 24, 2011

October Nights...

Late last week through the weekend was the annual Orionid Meteor Shower. I set up as usual in the hope of adding to my growing meteor collection. Although Saturday morning the 22nd was forecast to be the most intense, early Friday was when I captured the best as seen in the first stack.

Unrelated to meteors, I was timed as such while running errands later Friday evening to catch the ISS flyby from out in the country. It is obviously not composed well but I figured it would be brightest at center versus further to the NE.

Facing W early Saturday morning, single frame with the best capture of the session.

Saturday night I helped with a haunted forest put together by some friends in Bethany IL. Besides fulfilling monster duties, I set up a camera to shoot continuous in the hope of pulling off time lapse sequences from the event. Each shot was 20 seconds thus capturing light trails from people moving with flashlights, glowsticks and electronic devices. Assembling all of the stills from each session into a stack created an unusual image series. The camera shifted at some point with the first set for resting on uneven ground thus the star trails are slightly misaligned but still worth sharing.

Perhaps the best one, the long pink wavy streak is my face with the flashlight held up to illuminate it as I walked in frame. Purely accidental, light trails with one's face, who knew? Per the note about "camera taped to flashlight", the light source is the LED display. I had the idea of taking a video camera and attaching it to a flashlight. When the kids came near, I would begin recording, sneak up on them, flip the light on while simultaneously screaming and in turn, capture their reactions. I have yet to edit video but from what I have reviewed thus far, it worked brilliantly.

Heading home with the hope for meteors but none.

Overnight into early Monday morning a weather opportunity presented itself in that a large roll cloud associated with the gust front on a dying line of storms to drop through went overhead. Sunday was my birthday so for being the first day of yet another year of living, I guess it's a good start.

and there it goes over the city...

Finally at dawn.

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