Sunday, October 09, 2011


Since last Sunday, I have been an exceptionally busy man. With everything that was going on throughout the period, numerous photographic opportunities presented themselves that I was fortunate to document. Just as soon as I was done processing a batch of images another event would come along with no time to blog so it has all accumulated. Things are seemingly quiet at the moment so hopefully I can get this stuff wrapped up finally lol.

Beginning with the 2nd, regional temperatures this morning dipped into the mid to lower 30's resulting in widespread frost. I had been waiting for a moment like this because the cooler air over the still warmer water of area ponds would produce steam and hopefully spout formations. Upon arrival to Weldon Springs State Park located Clinton IL, my hunch verified. The particular spot I chose is one I had thought about for some time with respect to sun angle, wind direction, wind speed/buffer, shade lines and time of day as to if or when this phenomena would most likely occur. Some scoff at the pursuit of these entities as being frivolous though I enjoy the challenge of forecasting and observing the mundane. Doing so also helps with understanding the bigger picture as does centering oneself amidst the tranquility. Enjoy a short time lapse video found HERE.

Shattering the mirrored surface, a beaver.

Toying with an artistic element.

Once the steam event was over, I went to the other side for a panorama attempt.

As if the morning activity weren't enough, this day was also huge for being the final game of the Warrensburg/Latham JFL season. Ava is a cheerleader so this was a big deal for us. Throughout the season I have been documenting those games we attended for the purpose of putting something together for the annual sports banquet. With time of day in mind, I set up at the start of the second half to get time lapse of the sunset for this project. From great distance with the 300mm I was also able to attain images in such a way that I had not expected even though you think I would have. For once I am actually proud of something I've produced. The mentioned time lapse video clip with accompanying slide sequence can be seen HERE.

Note the crepuscular rays.

Midweek we headed up to the Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch located just outside of Champaign IL. I have never been here and will say it was a highly enjoyable experience. Complete with a restaurant, gift shop, kids play area and of course many acres of pick your own produce, photographic opportunity was endless.

Finally got a Common Buckeye through the macro attachment. Typically they are real skittish and impossible to approach but I believe that for being end of season and ultimately end of life, is why this one was cooperative.

Not to be fooled, this is a miniature pumpkin that could fit (albeit snug) in a coffee cup.

There is a catwalk er... "goatwalk" between pens that you have to walk under... carefully lol.

Messing around along the edge of an old shed roof.

Moving on to the 8th, the Draconid meteor shower was expected to peak though the other half of the planet was favored to see it whereas we would be in sunlight. More info c/o the International Meteor Organization can be found HERE. There was still a chance that the US would catch a rogue few on the very ends of the display so I set up to try.

During the darkest hours before dawn, I may have caught one or it may have been a flaring satellite. The uneven taper renders this catch as being inconclusive.

Shortly after nightfall much later, I set up again and in this first scene, caught an amazing fireball. Thinking this was a Draconid, with the help of Olivier Staiger it was determined not to be as it did not emanate from the radiant located upper left and out of frame. Coming in from the opposite direction there is no telling what it was for it could have just been space junk burning up on reentry but is by far my most intense celestial entity to date.

Facing NE, no meteors but caught a banking aircraft likely coming out of Chicago.

Facing NNW, score! In the upper left a genuine Draconid coming in at the proper angle. Note the broken streak along the horizon lower left. It's a flaring something or other that split between frames but I'm not going to try and identify. Eventually I might assemble time lapse video with these stacks but for now taking pause to regroup before any more adventures pop up lol.

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oh those shots at the game with the players in silhouette of the sun...awesome
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