Monday, August 01, 2011

End of July...

After what has been a firecracker of a month with all manner activity including significant positives as well as negatives, the last day of July 2011 closed on somewhat of a high note. During the overnight hours I set up with the hope of catching a meteor or two emanating from one of several showers that had been ongoing but no such luck. The end result of a few hour long star trail tracks was still worth the effort.

The following morning I went for a walk and was able to come home with a few new additions for the portfolio including this Common Buckeye.

Ebony Jewelwing - Couldn't decide which I liked best so I just put up both, you decide...

Entrails of insect larvae boring into wood. Roughly the size of spaghetti.

Blue Faced Meadowhawk which is a new one. I almost got close enough with the macro lens but it decided to play difficult and go high. Tough shot as I had the tripod fully extended to head height and was at 300mm. Shade didn't help things either but I'm happy with the result knowing what I had to go through lol.

Hatchling Brown Snake (DeKay's), measured length 2.5"

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail... and my first decent capture of this common species.


Suz said...

love them all
I never met (so to speak)
who saw so much on a walk
maybe you should be teaching a class on this...!

Mak Porter said...

That is a cool looking butterfly. Looks like it has multiple eyes. And I hope you find out who is pawning your fireworks picture as if it was their own.