Monday, July 25, 2011

Reverse Ring Attempts / Copyright Infringement

I've been messing with reverse ring macro photography lately. Basically it is a metal ring that affixes to the camera body and enables you to invert the lens so to shoot through it backwards and achieve the opposite of what it is to shoot normal. It is taking some getting used to and I am unsure if I like it but one advantage is that for having less glass for light to pass through (unlike the attachment I typically use), fringing is minimal. A gentle breeze to sway up close foliage like it was in a hurricane made the task difficult but it's a start. The first bug is about half the size of a popcorn seed.

Thanks to the unwitting tag of a highly talented photographer I am friends with on Facebook that brought it to my attention this morning, I discovered an upload of my fireworks at Arthur photo. The fact that the user re-posted this image without my knowledge doesn't bother me for it is the web version I sent to ILX and likely came from there but look carefully at the comment by the user. Additional comments acknowledging props to this individual followed that which is shown in spite of my obvious watermark. Names have been masked as the matter is being pursued since the individual as of the time of this post has yet to remove the image or give proper attribution but yeah, this is a first...


Tara said...

Ugh, that sucks Paul that someone is doing that, I hope that you can get it straightened out!

Suz said...

what a lying creep
But wow...what a great photo...truly awesome...once again
you write with the camera
get the bastard (can I say that?)