Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can't access Facebook so...

For whatever reason at the time of this post, I cannot log on. I suppose I'll just use the opportunity to actually be productive lol. Per the first picture which was a predawn attempt on Wednesday at catching an early Perseid as well as the International Space Station, I was very disappointed to see a break in the trails as result of my camera glitching. It was most likely paused to buffer and catch up on what had been up until that point a full hour of shooting. A basic Rebel is not the best choice for this type of photography but I make due. The Azure Bluets from a morning walk once the sun came up also illustrate another problem I've been having as they are soft. The 300mm I had been using took a tumble out of the bag a few weeks ago and has not been right since. The barrel sticks and I believe may be contributing to a slight focusing issue. Again, I make due and am grateful for the equipment I use but I would prefer not having to fight with it.

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Suz said...

you should not be having camera troubles!
love the little blue guy
love that you notice little things like him....and want to share it