Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saturday Shots...

This past weekend was a big one for being among other things, my daughter's sixth birthday. Saturday was by far the biggest day for besides scheduled obligations including assistance with a family shoot, significant weather in the way of severe storms with a history of producing large hail affected the region. I would miss the first and worst batch of storms to pass just to our N where numerous damaging hail reports were logged. More from the hail event courtesy of NWS Lincoln can be found HERE. Showers associated with the same complex along with a peek of sunlight timed itself perfectly as I was fulfilling a shot request seen below.

Well after the severe weather exited the region and would be on the way to Indiana, additional storms producing numerous photographic opportunities developed towards sunset. I would head S then eventually SE from Decatur. Below was taken along IL 48.

Continuing S on I-72/US 51 near Elwin IL, I spotted an area of interest on the SW flank of a cell to the distant NE. Unsure of what was genuinely happening, all I could do was zoom in the best I was able. Showers to develop moments after the first shot helped produce yet another rainbow opportunity.

Now just N of Macon, the same shower complex as previous but moving away.

Now in Shelby county near the small town of Pleak (which I only know exists because of Google maps), looking NE at the cell to produce the earlier lowering. At this time I was targeting cells to the SE.

Now S of Bethany.

Same location along 121 and facing NNW, incoming arcus cloud generated by outflow from the cell to the N.

Looking S on the same arcus cloud moments before crashing into the previously shown precipitation core. The rolling motion would have made for good video but I had no time.

Heading back, NW of Bethany.

Still NW of Bethany, I paused to get the sunset color on the backside of the S complex.

Finally at Dalton City, the now distant cell started kicking off lightning so I paused once again to try for a few shots. Not realizing it at first but the moon began rising behind it. I was fortunately set up to shoot continuous and was able to assemble a short DSLR time lapse of this scene found HERE. yet another time lapse opportunity would present itself in that the International Space Station was scheduled to fly over at 9:39 PM CDT so I stayed put. Noting the direction and angle of ascent, I was able to produce a very pleasing composition from a vantage point I rarely get to enjoy since it usually passes when I am work. Suffice to say on day that I didn't think I would get to do any weather photography at all, it worked out to be one of my best sessions this entire year.

Other perspectives from around the region this day...




KEVIN RADLEY (YouTube video from Sullivan IL)


Dann Cianca said...

That arcus is fantastic!

Suz said...

oh my so many great ones...the rainbow piercing the clouds ..the hand of God cloud (that's what I saw..:)
Looking at the people in the first shot..I thought how nice it would have been to arrange them in the colors of the rainbow..I think they were all there
When I see great skies...I always think of you and your camera....
hoping you are getting some good shots
Happy 6th birthday Ava

Paul said...

Thanks everyone :)

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