Thursday, May 05, 2011

Lodge Park / Lake of the Woods

Last Friday we took a short ride over into Piatt County to check out Lodge Park. Bordering the Sangamon River with a narrow road that loops through a heavily wooded area, there was an abundance of small wildflowers so I tried for a few macros.

Our next stop would be Lake of The Woods park located just N of Mahomet Illinois. Managed by the Champaign County Forest Preserve District, notable attractions included a covered bridge as well as Hi-Tower Bell Carillon. Climbing the narrow stairwell up six stories was a definite workout but the view was well worth it.

Later, we toured the Museum of the Grand Prairie located on site which contains a surprisingly rich collection of artifacts and antiquities related to the Champaign County region. I didn't have my tripod so to maximize on the many photographic opportunities in the atmosphere of subdued light but tried to make due. Spending time with the hardship that was the day to day life of early 20th Century people was very sobering. Equally sobering if not the most were the antique handcuffs once used for slaves.


Suz said...

My daughter taught at Mahomet
Your shot of the trillium was wonderful....6 stories...good for you for making it alll the way up
Forgot yor tripod...what?
Isn't a sunny day just the best :-)

Carol Moore said...

Awesome shots! Love the closeups and the covered bridge shots.

Mak Porter said...

Really nice to see covered bridges still around. Not many near here but are scattered about across Indiana.