Friday, May 06, 2011

Girard Posts / Audio

Just wanted to say that I condensed all the Girard Tornado material into a single post (Part 1) as well as eliminated some of my deeper dialogue. This unfortunately wiped out the comments on posts 2 and 3 but it needed to be done (sorry). Two and a half weeks later and I am still sorting out the experience which I assume is one of those things that will just take time. My schedule has been insanely busy and for this I have been unable to return to Girard nor contact Glen Murphy as the phone number was no good. If by chance someone seeing this knows him, I have a set of prints ready to give him. It takes about $25 in fuel to make the trip so it's not feasible to just head down on a whim in the hope that he'll be on site.

As previously mentioned, the audio sample that I unintentionally recorded while on the ground during the video is one that simply needed to be heard. Extracting this audio, I cleaned up two split second imperfections, added some amplification and saved it as an MP3 file complete with its own thumbnail. I don't know if this has ever been done but you can grab the file below.


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