Saturday, April 30, 2011

Elevated Morning Shower

A subject I have wanted to document for some time is a forward lit shelf cloud or other structure illuminated by the rising sun to the E. Not a likely feat when weather moves in during the morning because the sun at horizon is usually blocked by cloud. Though not technically what I had wanted, light beaming through a break in the clouds caught the base of an elevated shower Saturday morning. Brisk outflow despite limited precipitation would descend upon passage.

Later I would take a short walk at Weldon Springs Park, Clinton IL to kill some time before the Madden Art Center, Decatur IL opened so to drop off pictures with a group show I am participating in for May.

1 comment:

Suz said...

very nice Paul
We had a gorgeous sunset tonight
the sun was so large and golden on the horizon
and the sky was lit up in many shades of pink
and there was a full bow
in the sky....with only a mist of rain..
it was awesome..left my camera home
but thought of would have been ready
how are you feeling?
good..happy to hear that