Monday, April 11, 2011

Overnight Passage

Yet another big system slips by under the cover of darkness while I am once again stuck at work. This one offered up a few visuals fortunately.

Outflow from earlier cells to drift by further W produced a sizable shelf cloud.

When the main squall line arrived a short while later, I tried for the intense leading edge lightning from indoors. I would miss a perfectly framed shot shortly after this one by literally one second for having to wipe away moisture. Haze is due to mist building up on the lens.

Congratulations to everyone that scored in Iowa on Saturday.

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Mak Porter said...

Nice captures Paul. Good lightning shot. Seems like the trend has been for late night/overnight systems so far. I still think it won't be untul May before temps stay - constantly- warm. Then, I think severe weather really start popping Illinois, Indiana, Ohio.