Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday Surprises...

Despite the forecast for storms on Saturday, I had every intention of staying home. Watching afternoon radar, I began to notice a cell to my immediate SW develop classic supercell structure. Sticking my head out the door, I was amazed to see a lowered base with rotation and rapidly rising scud. Scrambling to get a camera set up, I filmed this feature till it was no longer in view (which can be seen in the video link). With a supercell in such close proximity, there was no way I could just go back in so I headed out to see if it would do anything more. Following to Piatt county, it held together fairly well but didn't do much. Letting it go for a secondary cell to come up from the SW that I figured I would simply intercept on the way back offered up amazing structure from inside Moultrie county. By now a severe warned cell that was W of this one was putting down insane amounts of rain in Decatur. Likewise, another severe cell downstream was coming up from Montgomery county. Rather than drive back to Decatur and get hit with the deluge, I dropped S to intercept the Montgomery co. storm from S of Assumption. The big storm in Macon county that I was able to avoid put down an outflow boundary that drifted overhead at Moweaqua. It was remarkably easy to spot and I figured the SW warned cell would go nuts upon interacting with it. I was correct however I missed the target in that this interaction which would earn a brief TVS occurred near Tower Hill whereas I setup halfway between Assumption and Pana. Still though, no complaints on a day I had no intention of ever leaving the house :)


Pershing near Caterpillar, random documentation, total luck on the CG!

New storm in Moultrie county.

Now E of Moweaqua, Arcus at Penn Township Cemetery.

S of Moweaqua, the OFB

Now S of Assumption, there was no way I could get S in time so just made due. The TVS after the fact was mildly disappointing but again, no complaints.

Meanwhile back home...


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