Friday, June 18, 2010

Minnesota Outflow

Storms in Minnesota that produced violent tornadoes on Thursday congealed into a damaging squall line that dove SE across IA during the overnight. This squall line eventually lost its intensity however, the wind energy continued moving and eventually canvassed Central IL at around 6AM on Friday. Though harmless by itself as it is simply two colliding air masses of differing temperature and moisture content near the surface, it did enhance an ongoing local storm to the NE resulting in a brief tornado warning for Piatt and Champaign counties.


Suz said...

Everytime our warnings went off on the TV I thought of you...watching the weather channels radar..sort of hoping yu'd get your THE STORM
and tell about it in pictures.
Those are some scarry looking clouds you caught....I opened my garage door and stood in its safety and just enjoyed mother's natures show.....there is something primal about a good storm

Dann Cianca said...

Great shots, Paul!