Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Intense Morning

With the exception of two rounds of severe thunderstorms to pass through the area, it was a quiet night at work so I was able to stick my head out the door on occasion. The first round though collapsing at the county line had a healthy gust front that kicked up winds around 35 MPH or so. This cooler air offered welcomed relief from the heat. There were also some rather intense CG lightning strikes out ahead of the precipitation.

The second line to come through was more towards the SW. Originating in extreme WC IL, significant wind damage was reported in Schuyler as well as Cass counties with many reports of downed trees and power lines. Upon arrival there wasn't much to see other than an exhausted shelf. On the backside of the complex and towards daybreak is when the real show would emerge with this event.

Note the crawler, I missed the better ones but no complaints :)


Gary Keimig said...

great photos. Wonderful colors and drama

Paul said...

Thank you Gary :)

Suz said...

fab u lous!