Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More May

Attempting to get caught up as I have been all over the place this month, the one thing that has remained consistent is the desire to get shots when opportunity presents. Probably shouldn't be so aggressive as I've been overwhelmed while dealing with some nuisance pain but it's just natural for me to see something and want to get it for people that weren't there to see it firsthand.

Way back on the 9th, a line of sub-severe storms bubbled up across the mid-state and made for a worthy stop while running errands.

Dalton City

On the 12th, while heading into work, a well timed but exhausted frontal passage with minimal lightning made for an interesting commute.

I liked how nearby Warrensburg illuminated the underside.

ENE towards Argenta

Decatur and Forsyth


Later that night, more storms with occasional lightning developed. Sorry for the raindrop but thought it was still worth sharing.

On the 15th, while out on errands again, a line of marginal storms lifting from the SW having interesting leading edge features made for an interesting drive through Christian County. An anomalous upper level system with considerable cold air aloft and responsible for below average temperatures last week was the catalyst for this event.

Rapidly ascending scud bomb.

On the overnight when the center of the upper low moved through the region, an associated boundary passage made for an unbelievable time lapse opportunity seen at the end.

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