Saturday, May 17, 2014

Friday Funnels

The upper low responsible for pulling all the recent cold air down into the Central US moved through the area Friday and with that, helped generate numerous cold air funnels under developing showers and storms. From just ENE of Decatur, one cell with a robust updraft region produced a nicely tapered funnel that I was able to capture through the 300mm. On the downdraft side of this particular storm, pea sized hail was reported at Argenta as well as further downstream near Mt. Zion. Though I have video of this event, the quality is not very good thus I did not include it. The time for upgrade is sorely overdue.

The complex would become less organized as it progressed.

A pair of Herons with nary a care about the weather!

Frost in May, there are no words...

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suz said...

strange weather for sure....barrington got snow
love the corn rows in your photo