Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Break Missouri - Part V

Having been trolled the night before by a sunset with great potential that didn't pop, I wasn't exactly optimistic that I would get any real color against the river at Hannibal during this trip. Determined to try again with sunrise, my pessimism quickly changed upon reading the quiet pre-dawn sky over far Western Illinois. Initially I thought I would shoot from the Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse overlook. Only after reaching the summit of a rigorous 244 stair climb did I discover this would not be a good location due to trees and nuisance street lights. Descending back down and over a few blocks to nearby Glascock's Landing is where I would set up to witness the grandeur of the mighty Mississippi River at daybreak. There wasn't a soul around except for a perfectly timed river boat to stir the canvas with its wake.

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Suz said...

the reflection on the water..spectacular