Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break Missouri - Part IV

Next on the itinerary was a visit to Frontier Park in St. Charles Missouri to see the Lewis and Clark statue. Ava had recently learned about these explorers so she was very excited to see this monument. I had not realized the night I shot the lightning that I was directly across from this landmark which makes that event all the more special for myself.

300mm at a distance gives true scale perspective.

and then a juvenile eagle conveniently buzzed the site...

Wide angle fits it all at close range but creates scale distortion.

River boats from the previous lightning event.



North again.

Limestone rock yields numerous fossils.

Afterwards we headed up to Hannibal MO for our final stop. Once there, I would briefly head over the Interstate 72 bridge back into Illinois to catch sunset facing over the Mississippi River that did not pop as I thought it might. Below, a pair of very large Illinois side beavers.

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suz said...

nice shots Paul
love the wood in the water and that sunset