Friday, March 07, 2014

February 12 at Clinton Lake

Better late than never, this was a day I went in search of giant spouts at Clinton Lake prior to the last post on the subject but also came home with much more including a number of bird species. I had posted some of these on my Facebook page with the intent of doing a follow up blog but was distracted by new activity.

Finally, a halfway decent kingfisher even though it was far. I have not had very much luck with these.

Everything was peaceful at first but then the gulls seen below would go berzerk and instantly scatter.

Unsure why, three juvenile eagles soon emerged from behind a tree line including one to buzz me and offer up my best shot to date.

Was unable to get them all in frame but no complaints.

Heavily cropped as they were fairly distant.

Later, my friend arrived and we went to a new location looking for the fabled giant spouts that he told me about.

Spotted an adult eagle and tried to get it while I could.

Scouting around even more, numerous pheasants could be seen from the road.

After parting ways, I went to yet another location that proved to be the most favorable yet.

Blindly looking into the sun at the colored area which is the bottom of a large solar halo, note the head of a brave little creature out for a swim or could it have been a fish jumping?

There it is again.

A heron would fly past and cruise in for a landing along the shore while either a varmint dove for cover and left a ripple in it's absence or perhaps a fish? Watch the end video and decide for yourself.

Another was already there whereby soon after with a loud screeching honk alerting me to their presence, they took off in unison.

The solar halo makes for a fitting end to a wildly productive day.

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