Friday, June 21, 2013

Tuesday's Slight Risk

First up, Monday's sunset.

The very first cell to go up and earn warning for hail and wind did so over Decatur. I was running errands and conveniently found myself under the updraft region which exhibited noticeable rotation. At the intersection of 121 and 36, I was even treated to a "faux"nel almost directly overhead. Wide angle distortion creates the illusion of distance but for sitting at a long light that I typically dread, it was cool to have time to watch the motion through the sunroof.

The cell would eventually weaken and lose the warning yet remain photogenic while it drifted SE as new development back built towards the NW.

Long Grove Cemetery

Another cell would develop in SW Macon County.

and then another with even one more after this that would earn a warning making it two severe thunderstorms for the county in one afternoon.

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Suz said...

I love your passion for the sky
nice photos