Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Severe Thunderstorm in SE Logan County Illinois

A massive MCS prompting numerous severe thunderstorm as well as tornado warnings in Northwest Illinois was the main focus for the afternoon. That said, when a much smaller complex trailing down into our area also earned warnings, by comparison it was somewhat of a surprise. I was already out and conveniently found myself within the warned area upon issuance. Unlike last post, it wasn't the most photogenic storm but the lightning for which I failed to capture was particularly intense. Personally, I'm ready for a break from storms even though that does not appear to be happening in the near term.

Public radar feed is generally delayed by about 5-7 minutes but yesterday, updates were at times over 20 minutes late. Why this was I don't know but even with the delay, it was still far better than the old days of no radar, no polygons and only a radio broadcast to go by if there even was a warning issued for a storm.

c/o RadarScope

Per the above time stamp of 5:40, the line was actually on top of me.

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Mak Porter said...

You are never hoping for a break in storms. lol Awesome captures on these storms. I bet the winds were intense. Lots of lightning causing house fires near Indy.