Wednesday, June 05, 2013

May 30 / June 1

A few storms fired last Thursday afternoon but never really took off. I followed a strong cell near Lincoln that would eventually become severe warned in McLean County but let it go for new development to the south. I figured if anything were to come of it there would be plenty of eyes already watching.

A new cell from west of Clinton in Dewitt County would be much more photogenic.

Much later, a severe warned complex lifted from the SW. Though it weakened on arrival in Macon County, it was still impressive. A separate cell in SW Sangamon County was responsible for significant wind damage including several empty rail cars being tipped over.

A cold front progressed across the region on Saturday. Although the severe threat was low, the event proved to be highly photogenic thus making for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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Chris Kincaid said...

Nice set Paul. Those last 4 shots look like they could've come right from my hard drive lol because I couldn't have been too far your location. I chased that line from Athens to near Champaign. I hoped to get some lightning or glowing towers at least, but I think it was weakening so much there was no lightning. Ironically while the sad events were unfolding out west that fateful Friday night, I was running from a tornado in Gillespie. Sad weekend that was...