Monday, May 06, 2013

Softball Weather / Fayette County

Sunday was an interesting setup in that the showers and isolated storms to develop across the region were wrapping around the backside of the persistent low to the south and thus traveling an unusual NE to SW. A special weather statement for the possibility of funnel clouds was issued which wasn't a surprise given the noticeable shear that was present. Despite the on and off showers, Ava still had softball practice which took a turn for the interesting as several cells with organized structure passed by.

Edited phone pic facing NE at the first cell of note that had easily discernible rotation.

Now facing N, same cell through the wide angle as it stretched itself into oblivion.

Secondary cell approaching from the SE.

Same cell now facing S.

A third cell would run us over and end practice early due to rain. Later, I would follow this cluster on the backside and at Blue Mound, quickly climb the kame at Griswold Conservation Area to get an elevated look.

c/o RadarScope

Facing WNW, again, everything is moving away to the SW.

It seemed as though the line was trying to better organize so I followed it. Along the way it went through several cycling processes where an rfd (rear flank downdraft) cut would appear on the end cell which was the strongest. Letting it go at Edinburg, I managed to capture this activity with the 300mm in the final shot. Given the strange nature of this event and a quasi-supercell traveling opposite, 2013 is becoming "year of the bizarre!"

On Monday I headed down into Fayette County to hunt for morels. Unfortunately I didn't find any but the trip was still worthwhile. As mentioned on Facebook, I have never seen one and despite researching this fascinating activity, I am clearly a shroom noob or as the self appointed term, a "shroob" lol. Ideally though, I would just like to find a photogenic cluster, get my shot and otherwise leave them be, "blondes" preferably...

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Mak Porter said...

A bizarre year indeed Paul. Very nice pictures. That sure did have some crazy looking structure on it. Have to wonder if it's setting up for more bad flooding in June.