Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sangamon/Logan County Sub-Severe

Central Illinois finally got a taste of the massive system out west though it was far from being that of the heart wrenching catastrophic intensity felt in the Southern Plains. A severe thunderstorm lifting from the SW near St. Louis would lose its warning at Springfield but still be an active intracloud as well as sheet lightning producer with a few CG's thrown in for good measure. Numerous farmers dotting the fields could be seen taking advantage of the recent lull in precipitation as they worked late into the night and in spite of the advancing storm.

Now in Logan County south of Lincoln

For those wondering how to help, do it today!

Credit: Weather Decision Technologies

It goes without saying regardless of where you live or how little of an interest you possess in all things atmospheric that having a weather safety plan is absolutely critical. This is not reserved to simply thunderstorms and tornadoes but a myriad of scenarios that could quickly get out of control if left unchecked. In a society that is more connected than ever all the way down to customized conditions based upon a personal GPS location, the excuse of "we had no warning!" is no longer valid. The best defense is to arm yourself with KNOWLEDGE FOUND HERE.

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