Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Storms

Little did anyone expect that an MCS (mesoscale convective system) moving into the region yesterday would undergo significant intensification resulting in a widespread damaging wind event. When I left to check out the incoming squall line, there was no warning nor much happening on radar per velocity. Heavy precipitation developing ahead of the main line was discouraging but the higher returns on velocity once the severe thunderstorm warning was issued had my interest. Moving southwest towards Edinburg, a tornado warning would be issued for an area northeast of Springfield and tracking out of the existing warning. Already in position for my area of initial interest, I would quickly go north and get a brief peek at the southwest flank of the tornado warned segment before being overtaken by heavy rain and high wind.

Within the existing severe warning and SW of the tornado warned segment, this is the area of my initial interest. Wide angle lens pushes it back but this wasn't a very photogenic situation anyways due to nuisance rain and time of day.

Now N and in the vicinity of Mt. Auburn blacktop, looking at the SW flank of the tornado warned segment. No telling what it was doing up in there but it appeared predominately outflow vs. tornadic. You can see a downburst rain foot develop and jut away from the main core.

A little more contrast helps pull out a slightly wrapped area with a funnel cloud descending on the leading edge. Though I don't have a radar capture from the moment, this may have been one of several small higher returns noted on velocity. When you hear of leading edge spin up's, sometimes they look like this, other times not. I don't know that it amounted to much if anything.

The line would overtake me at which point it was game over and I carefully headed back to town. Heavy rain and intense wind would make for an interesting ride as I dodged tree debris. Arriving back at Decatur, I was stunned to see significant aftermath including downed branches, trees and an array of property damage. The dumpster was blown a good ten feet or so and it's not even on wheels; note the scrape marks.

More flooding, farmers can't get a break it seems.

Distant Tower vs. Distant Tower




Video by Area Chaser Kevin Radley

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