Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year

Thanks to the irresponsible parent who allowed her sick kid to attend school so she wouldn't miss the Christmas party and was hacking all over the other children, Ava brought home the flu for holiday break. Poor kid was miserable the whole time and eventually it transferred to me wherefore I've been down since the 29th. This bug has been the worst yet and all I have been doing is coping. The initial flu phase is relatively short lived but it hangs on as a persistent annoying cold. Fortunately my work was cool and allowed ample time to be away so unlike many selfish people who choose to take their germs around the general populace, I haven't made anyone sick. Anyways, I had some ideas for an end of year "best of" post but decided it wasn't worth it. Being ill gave me pause to think about many things. So here we are, 2013 and I am very grateful for the good people of common interest who remain a part of my life. Have a nice year, good luck, be well and treat people even better.

and sunrise today.

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