Friday, February 24, 2012

Retreating Boundary

Early Thursday morning we had a line of showers lift from the SW along an advancing warm front. This boundary stalled in the I-72 vicinity and then by midday, began to slowly transition and retreat to the S as a cold front. The apex of this boundary or in other words the pivotal center axis where the warm front to the E lifts N while the cold front to the W wants to drop S was basically overhead. This is not unusual as it is found with every low pressure system and most people pay little to no attention. Normally I would not be concerned however, I couldn't sleep Thursday so upon waking and poking my head outside, I noted interesting cloud textures and decided to step out. Heading S into Christian and then Shelby counties so to place myself ahead of this boundary, the turbulent base was very photogenic. This was not a storm nor was there any significant weather associated other than a wind shift and temperature drop. Between strong SE winds backing into the distant parent low to the SW and in turn colliding with this feature however, the trip was still worthwhile. Temperatures in the middle to upper 50's were reason enough to get out since this would be the last mild day for awhile.

After allowing the above to move on but still along the same boundary, my attention turned to a new area of disturbed weather on the approach from the NW between Assumption and Pana. A true wide angle lens would have done the scene better justice but at least the most dramatic aspects are shown.

and finally, from Friday morning, it is still Winter of course but fortunately not much longer.

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