Monday, January 09, 2012

Wolf Moon / January Stuff

Sunday's full moon was titled the Wolf Moon. Though intense as it soared through the night sky, I wasn't interested in getting it. Heading home in the morning it looked cool as it hung low on the WNW horizon so I decided to pull over and go for it after all. Ideally I would have preferred not to have foreground items and be higher but when it's this low you literally have seconds before it slips out of view. Distortion of moon and extremely distant barns is due to Atmospheric Refraction.

Facing E, Quadrantid Meteor from the 3rd.

Frost, January 3

January 2

A six shot panorama redone this week that was originally shot on January 8 of 2007, republished on the five year anniversary.


Suz said...

oh my goodness.....If you hadn't taken it..I would not have believed it real!
nice shot...I love the barns
keep shooting

Mak Porter said...

Paul, that panorama is awesome man! Great capture on the Wolf moon. I like how it slips behind the barn. That moon looks as big as a water tower!