Friday, January 13, 2012

Dose of Reality

Except to get the first picture, I had little interest in stepping out on Thursday due to the intense blizzard-like conditions. Upon doing so however, I encountered a brave group of individuals documenting the latest storm. This came as no surprise since everyone was talking about the weather as it was such a dramatic change from the mild pattern we had been in. Curious as to what they were doing, they invited me to tag along. Midday snow pictures bore me but they insisted I join them so I did.

I was impressed with how well coordinated they were as a team working from both in and out of the vehicle. I guess it comes easy when you have fun with whatever it is that you are doing at the time.

Heading out into the country, the roads weren't too bad although visibility was difficult at times due to blowing and drifting snow. Driving around for the better part of two hours, the bitterly cold -3 wind chill value did a number on me but didn't seem to phase them at all.

Eventually arriving back at home and before parting ways, I asked them how it is that they stay so enthusiastic in the middle of January to which they simply replied "always have fun regardless of circumstance." Keeping this in mind made the faint Light Pillars both over the city and with the moon an easy capture despite a wind chill value of -5.


Suz said...

wow you should go out with them more often..
I love that you captured rural
snow conditions...I have seen this traveling to and from galena...But most haven't...
...I think divine intervention played a part that day

Mandi said...

Nice pictures from yesterday. Sorry you were not able to get the picture of you being hosed by a snow plow as it passed by. Eh, maybe next time! Why is there no mention of me leaving you and the lego friends along side of the road and driving down the road about 10 feet and making you chase after the car. lol That incident and you up to your thighs in the snow were quite funny experiences for me. :) Glad I could entertain you yesterday. My good deed for the year has been done and already so early in the year! :)