Sunday, August 22, 2010


I get tired of going over the same Government sanctioned lands looking for IL critters so I try to keep an eye open for other places to find subjects. Today I pulled off the road in W Macon County and wandered along a dirt path between two fields in the middle of nowhere. Private land is without a doubt where it is at. Though I had heard that the acreage I was exploring was allowed, a "No Trespassing, Violators Will Be Prosecuted To The Fullest Extent Of The Law" sign kept me from going too far. Granted I also heard that the sign was only meant for hunters but I am not down for meeting up with the shotgun toting landowner who might think I am some person out checking their secret marijuana crop. Nevertheless, I walked with respect and was rewarded below. It's just a shame that tens of thousands of acres with so much opportunity for photographic exploration is inaccessible to those (like me) with a genuine respect for the land.


Beau Dodson said...

That last photo is absolutely beautiful! Nice work.


Tara said...

Great job Paul!

Suz said...

Oh my those are great!
loved that blue eyed creature
I loved your narrative
cracked me up with the whackjobs are such a wonderful photographer
such an eye for details

Paul said...

Whackjob probably wasn't the best choice of word as I was illustrating from the land owner point of view. I do think that if properly regulated, hemp could do a whole lot of good for the economy not to mention positive social implications regarding the so called war on drugs. This coming from someone 100% clean and sober with no interest in that sort of thing but was young once to know that it isn't the evil we are led to believe.