Sunday, August 08, 2010

August 4 - Storms with Rotation

Earlier this day we noticed a huge tower shoot up from somewhere N of Macon county. Simultaneously a severe thunderstorm watch was issued. An outflow boundary leftover from early morning storms draped roughly along and N of I-72 was the focal point for the activity we witnessed along with the watch issuance. While at home and viewing radar, I began to notice significant returns just to the N indicating a developing mesocyclone. Heading out and just a short ride up into Forsyth confirmed this suspicion as the once single tower was now a very mature storm with noticeably visible rotation. Since time was of the essence, I stopped at Forsyth park to get video. The storm seemed to really crank up briefly as can be seen in the end video but was eventually undercut by its own outflow. Though becoming cold and elevated, I still followed it E to just S of Argenta. Not a big deal in terms of severity but it made for a somewhat interesting afternoon.

Heading back, a new storm arriving on the W end with some interesting structure.

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