Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 24 Storms

By most accounts this day would have been a non event with the exception of one key factor, storms traversed the state in an unusual E to W fashion. We started by targeting a cell near Vandalia drifting SE to NW (that is correct) to SW of Taylorville along IL 48. Although we didn't get to the best side which would have been W of Springfield, viewing the complex from the backside with W light filtering through the canopy made for an interesting experience. My only regret this day was not saving radar grabs which would've helped better tell the story.

Looking E

Looking W at the main complex.

My nephew loves to make a big noise out in the middle of nowhere.

Facing W, a significant outflow boundary went overhead. You can make out the "wave" as illustrated by the darker rolling area. A small lowering develops as result.

Heading back as we had somewhere to be, looking NE at another cell over towards Atwood that too is drifting back to the W.

Mammatus is typically illuminated directly but again, since the storms orientation this day was juxtaposed, sunset light creates an effect not commonly seen. You are looking SW on 48, at this time storms were on top of Springfield to the W.

Stonington in the foreground.

Remember that storm over Atwood? After dark it finally arrived. Likewise remember the outflow boundary from much earlier? The W to E storm ended up colliding with the S to N moving outflow boundary over top of S Dewitt County. The end result was as said on FB, a completely juxtaposed situation as you are facing N and everything is moving R to L. The lightning with this storm was constant.

After the above show was over, I headed home to get ready for work. Yet another E to W cell developed behind the above so en route, I was able to get a few more lightning snaps. The cell was incredibly small yet the CG rate was intense. Below, creative cropping at 3:1 aspect ratio because it was almost out of frame.

and finally from out back, the cell pretty much died overhead making the end to this day perhaps the most convenient yet. Should be noted that 18-55 kit lens is not kind for lightning photography :(


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Great color and beautiful lightning shots man! Congrats!