Friday, May 28, 2010

Calamus Lake

Friday morning I was scanning Google maps looking for somewhere to go when I noticed a park S of Niantic IL called Calamus Lake Nature Preserve. Though sizable in terms of acreage, I had never heard of this place. A search revealed that it was maintained by the IL Department of Natural Resources (link) so I decided to check it out. The main entrance with small parking area was completely overgrown. I looped halfway around on a rough service road that would be impassable when wet only to find no legitimate access point. Walking into the dense forest, the lake bleeds into the forest as marsh and viewing any significant open area was impossible. Having spotted several sets of large coyote tracks the size of a man's hand as well as dung around a couple trees, I chose not to venture far. I did spot a distant coyote in an adjoining field while I was approaching the main entry.

Note that it fills the basin of a tire rut.

Around the above sign was a small swarm of Blue Dasher dragonflies.

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Suz said...

Oh this is fascinating..I never heard of this place either...are you sure those were coyote tracks...look big! Loved the dragonfly photo..cute eyes..
keep shooting those pics!
and finding wild Illinois