Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Barns n' Buzzards

Yesterday I took my nephew to Weldon Springs State Park in Clinton IL as it has become his favorite place to explore. We were treated to a unique sight in that a flock of turkey buzzards were perched atop the big barn of the old Nixon Farm. Was a bit unsettling having them all watch us with a wary eye.

As we neared, they all took off except for one that was not afraid though it too would eventually join its counterparts.

This barn is located off site towards the NE.

The trail we were on eventually leads back around to the large barn. Take note of the smaller Redwing Blackbirds who were very effective at keeping the buzzards in check. Any time the buzzards would make a move that didn't sit well with them, they would go on the offense. You can see this interaction in the image after this.

Distant convection over Mount Vernon IL as seen through the 300mm.

and finally...

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Suz said...

just precious
I know that is a girl word..but heck I'm old enough to be your mom but I am still a girl

You were lucky to have caught that many buz's together...i just saw on in a suburb last swooped down into the street like a drive by...could look into his creepy eye...then off he went
we see them in Galena all the time..great photos...
and of course..that last captured a boy
well donePaul